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Industries Overview

Phytorion provides data warehouse and analytics solutions for organizations in higher education and K-12, as well as state and local governments, and corporations. These organizations have varying needs from departmental reporting and analytics to tailored cross-organizational deployments. Some acquire our pre-packaged data warehouse/analytics offerings, others start with these products and ask us to tailor them to their precise needs, and others engage us to build fully custom solutions.

Regardless of the path taken, our mature offerings coupled with our comprehensive implementation methodology and years of expertise deliver to customers a solution that meets their specific needs – all on time, on budget and with a strong focus on its long-term success.

Higher Education

Students, parents, and the larger college or university community want increased visibility into the admitted class profile, their retention and graduation rates, their debt load, and the success of their alumni. Such information is also essential to internal strategic planning and reporting initiatives within the institution.

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State & Local Goverment

At all levels of government – federal, state or local – the expectations for performance and accountability have never been higher. Government departments and agencies are being asked to do more with the available human, financial and technological resources.

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K-12 Analytics

In today's primary and secondary education environment where budgets are tight, school administrators need to rapidly identify and fund programs that ensure better student outcomes. And they need to comply with complex regulations while managing costs.

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Corporate HRMS and Financials Analytics

Phytorion's data warehouse and analytics solution enables Human Resources and finance executives to gain deeper insights that help improve the operational performance of their respective organizations.

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