About Us

Established in 2005, Phytorion enables organizations in education and government sectors, as well as corporations to deploy analytics and data warehouses that meet their specific needs. 

By using our mature, fully integrated data warehouse products, a comprehensive implementation methodology, and expertise in Higher Education, government and corporate sectors, our customers enjoy the benefits of a tailored data warehouse and analytics solution.

What fundamentally distinguishes our approach is our willingness and ability to create a solution that fits not just the generic but your specific organization.  Whether that means dealing with unique requirements or a need to build internal consensus first; limited IT support or large and complex IT departments with detailed standards and procedures; focused data mart needs or comprehensive enterprise data warehouse initiatives – we will work with you to create the right project and solution.

We begin with our fully integrated, very detailed data warehouses that can be implemented either as a whole or in increments depending on your needs.  Since most organizations have a variety of source systems, we can then build bridges to retrieve data from additional sources such as legacy, third party systems, databases and spreadsheets. We finally modify and deliver pre-existing reports and analytics that meet your specific reporting and analytics requirements, working with your existing BI tools.  Such an approach significantly accelerates the process, cutting months from traditional data warehousing and analytics projects, resulting in costs and timelines that meet your budget and schedule.

In instances of such complex requirements that only a custom solution will suffice, we follow an agile-driven implementation approach that takes advantage of our long data warehousing experience and our deep market knowledge to deliver a bespoke solution.

Phytorion consultants have been building data warehouses and analytics solutions for many years.  Our team members have deployed over 90 data warehouses in education, government, HR and finance market segments.
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