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Corporate Financials and HR Data Warehouse

Phytorion's data warehouse and analytics solution enables Human Resources and finance executives to gain deeper insights that help improve the operational performance of their respective organizations.

Human Resources Executives are focused on attracting, developing, and retaining the best people in the organization. Phytorion enables organizations to build a data warehouse and analytics solution that helps:
  • Analyze efficiency of the entire recruitment process lifecycle, and understand and prevent the drivers of employee turnover
  • Gain insight into the top and bottom performers in the organization to engage and develop internal talent
  • Understand how compensation impacts performance, ensure compensation is equitable and consistent across roles
  • Get a comprehensive view into employees' current, planned, and historical absence events
  • Assess employee productivity using industry benchmarks such as revenue per employee, contribution per headcount, and return on human capital.
  • Monitor compliance with regulations such as US EEO, AAP, and Vets100 compliance reporting.
Similarly, finance managers are looking to improve cash flow, lower costs, and increase profitability while maintaining more accurate, timely, and transparent financial reporting that helps ensure Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Phytorion's data warehouse and analytics solutions enable organizations to:
  • Assess cash management and monitor operational effectiveness of the payables department to ensure lowest transaction costs
  • Monitor DSOs and cash cycles to manage working capital, manage collections, and control receivables risk
  • Manage financial performance across customers, products, and regional operations
  • Identify most profitable customers, products, and channels and understand profitability drivers across regions, divisions, and profit centers.

Phytorion consultants have significant experience building data warehouse and analytics solutions on top of Financial and HRMS systems. Please contact us for additional information on how we can help you address your analytics and reporting requirements.




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