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At all levels of government – federal, state or local – the expectations for performance and accountability have never been higher. Government departments and agencies are being asked to do more with the available human, financial and technological resources. As a manager in a department/agency, you are expected to improve efficiency, optimize processes, and overcome barriers to provide essential services to the citizens. As the volumes of data grow large and as the need for new and innovative information to provide services in an efficient manner becomes more important, data warehouse and analytics are playing a very important role in government agencies. For example, data warehouse and analytics have allowed decision makers to set goals and measure progress towards them, and improved revenue management functions such as revenue analysis, compliance systems and taxpayer customer services.

Phytorion consultants have significant experience building data warehouse and analytics solutions for government agencies to improve efficiency and optimize resources. Our consultants have previous experience in PeopleSoft-based data warehouse implementations at organizations such as US Department of Health and Human Services, US Courts, US Department of Energy – Waste Isolation Plant and Santa Clara Valley Water System.

Please contact us to explore how we can help your department or agency build an analytical data warehouse.

What our customers have to say...

For years we knew there was data hidden in those black holes of our ERP systems. You brought us a wealth of technical and functional experience and integrated our idiosyncrasies into the design as necessary. We are delighted with not only the delivered functionality but also with how easy it was to work with your team. We now have a data warehouse that is beyond our expectations. So, a hearty thank you from an appreciative team here! Linda Umbdenstock, Ph.D., Associate VP
Long Beach Community District


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