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Higher Education Analytics

Students, parents, and the larger college or university community want increased visibility into the admitted class profile, their retention and graduation rates, their debt load, and the success of their alumni. Such information is also essential to internal strategic planning and reporting initiatives within the institution.

As a result, the Institutional Research and IT departments at colleges and universities are engaged in multiple time-consuming accountability and visibility initiatives such as:
  • The Common Data Set (CDS) initiative
  • U-CAN – University and College Accountability Network
  • College Portrait – Voluntary System of Accountability
  • 'Achieving the Dream'
  • 'Access to Success'
  • Internal planning and reporting

One of the biggest challenges they face though is that student information systems, popular higher education financial solutions and HRMS systems that capture relevant data, are transactional and not designed for summary reporting and analytics. As a result, institutional researchers, IT organizations and administrators are forced to run multiple queries, add up the summary result, and cut and paste the result into a report format required by the accountability initiative or for internal analysis and reporting. If these reports need to be created again, the analysts have to go through such manually intensive and error-prone processes again.

Phytorion, with a rich history and expertise that uniquely sits at the intersection of higher education and data warehouse/analytics, has enabled institutions such as Cornell University, Cambridge University, Long Beach Community College and the University of Delaware to address such issues in a very cost-effective manner. Cornell University implemented a data warehouse for analytics and reporting that included admissions, financial aid, academic records, student financials and HR using the Phytorion solution. Long Beach Community College improved their insights and performance across student, financial and HR information with Phytorion.

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What our customers have to say...

"The Phytorion team has been amazing. They are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Their commitment to complete customer satisfaction is outstanding." Mick Holsclaw, Associate Vice Chancellor for IT
Los Rios Community College District

"Phytorion provided expert help to review our current position and made recommendations that allowed us to formulate positive plans for our future path." Hugh Barnes, Strategic Programme Manager
University of Cambridge

"We found ourselves drifting in a sea of data until we were rescued by Phytorion. They threw us a life vest with the creation of useful star schemas, prepared our first dashboards and reports, and have continued to painlessly guide us through our data warehouse journey. Without Phytorion we would not have reached such a rich destination." Lee Krichmar, IT Director
Cerritos College


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