Our Leadership Team

Yiorgos Marathias
President and CEO

Yiorgos first worked on reporting systems in the late 80's when he was at the University of Chicago.  In twenty five years of information systems experience, he has moved from technical and functional roles to systems implementation, strategy, and executive management.

At PeopleSoft, he spearheaded successful innovations in data warehousing for the Higher Education, government and corporate sectors. In collaboration with Product Strategy, he created and managed first-of-its-kind consulting services to provide reporting and analytics for the Enterprise Warehouse that could be delivered through a variety of Business Intelligence tools. 

In his position, Mr. Marathias is responsible for setting overall strategy and company direction as well as being involved in architecture, design, and development practices.

Ashley Silverburg
Chief Architect and Financial Officer

Ashley, who has twenty two years of experience in information technology, has been designing data warehouses and managing their implementations since the late 90's.  She has worked with organizations ranging from community colleges and public and private research universities to the federal government and multi-national corporations. 

Ashley architected Phytorion's Data Warehouse for Campus Solutions, Human Capital Management and Contributor Relations, as well as customized data warehouses sourcing from Lawson HR, legacy systems, and other non-PeopleSoft sources.

She designed PeopleSoft's Reporting Database Service (RDS), a rapid-implementation operational data store for the Student Administration, HRMS, Contributor Relations, and Financials products; and the JumpStart service, a data warehouse built on PeopleSoft's Enterprise Performance Management application. She worked with Cognos to build the PeopleSoft version of its Workforce Performance analytic application. Ashley is held in the highest regard by everyone she has worked with.

Robert Silcher
Business Intelligence Director

Rob has twenty three years of experience in the design, development and implementation of information systems for universities, government and corporations.  At Phytorion, he oversees the entire lifecycle of its Business Analytics applications.

Rob has developed the Enrollment Management and Student Retention data marts, and he has overseen the Business Intelligence developments for our Campus Solutions, HCM, Finance and K-12 data warehouse products.  He provides guidance to all our development teams on coding standards, optimization and quality control.

Adding to his rich development expertise are the development of state reporting systems in Florida and New York and the development of ERP components at the University of Waterloo.

Gary Nelson
Principal Developer

Gary, with twenty three years of experience in the design, development and implementation of information systems, has led our data warehouse development teams for the last ten years.

Gary has led the coding teams that built Phytorion's Data Warehouse for Campus Solutions, Human Capital Management and Finance.  He developed and then led the development teams that built PeopleSoft's Reporting Database Service using Data Manager, DataStage and Informatica for Student Administration, HRMS, Finance and Contributor Relations offerings.  He also led the development teams that built PeopleSoft's JumpStart service using DataStage and Informatica for Campus Solutions, HCM and Finance.  Gary has led our Quality Assurance team whose crowning achievement has been the ETL Code and Test Generator we have used in a number of our implementations to greatly reduce our development time and produce reliable code.

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