Phytorion Customizable Data Warehouse and Analytics

A large number of our customers today use this solution to meet their cross-organizational reporting and analytics requirements. In our projects, Phytorion consultants first work with you to identify your detailed data warehouse requirements. Then we use our Phytorion data warehouse product as a starting point, identify the gaps and address them to meet your precise requirements. Building a data warehouse is typically the most complex part of any project and our baseline technology and agile implementation principles help significantly accelerate the process. Once the tailored data warehouse is designed, developed (including ETL) and tested (unit and system testing, performance testing and user acceptance testing), we develop and test your analytics and reporting environment, using the BI tool of your choice. When the solution is ready, we train the users and take it live.

The result is a data warehouse & analytics solution tailored to your precise needs, without the cost and schedule associated with traditional custom projects. And by eliminating unnecessary complexity, it makes upgrades and extensions faster and less resource intensive.

The Phytorion data warehouse that we start with has the following capabilities:

Student Modules

  • Campus Community: Student Bio/Demo Data, Comments, Communications, Checklists, Residency Reporting, Student Groups, Committees, Events
  • Admissions: Prospects, Recruitment, Applications, Test Scores, Admissions Materials, Admissions Funnel, Evaluation, High Schools
  • Financial Aid: General FA Setup, ISIR/ Institutional Applications, Budgets, Packaging, Awarding, Loans, Discount Rate, Fee Waivers, Fin Aid by Student Characteristics, Retention Rates and Persistence, Service Indicators, User Edit Messages
  • Student Records: Academic Structure, Course/Class, Enrollment Management, Student Retention, Grades, Transfer Credit, Athletics, Faculty Workload, Honors, Academic Standing, Student Milestones, Degrees, Faculty Load
  • Student Financials: Financial Aid Disbursements, Student Accounts, Billing, Payments, Refunds, GL Interface, Items, Third Party Payments, Cashiering.

HRMS Modules

  • Personal Data: Bio/Demo, Disabilities, Visa, Qualifications
  • HR: Position, Job, Compensation, Earnings, Salary, Contracts, Evaluations, Competency
  • Payroll: Paycheck history, Earnings/Deduction Balances, Additional Pay, Taxes, Garnishments, W2
  • Benefits: Health, Life, Pension, Vacation, Disability, Beneficiaries/Dependents.

Financials Modules

  • General Ledger: Journals, Accounts, Ledgers, Funds
  • Purchasing: Receivers, Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Distributions, Vendors, Buyers
  • Payables: Vouchers, Payments
  • Banking: Banks, Bank Balances
  • Project Costing: Project, Activities, Resources
  • Billing: Billing Header/Line, Customer
  • Asset Management: Assets, Books, Retirements, Asset Depreciation
  • Contracts: Header/Detail, Milestones, Prepaid
  • Receivables: Payments, Collections, Customers
  • Grants: Proposal, Negotiation, Purpose, Award, Budget Information, Person, Advisor, Collaboration, Project, Publication
  • Expenses

K-12 Modules - Student data

  • Biographic/Demographic data, including name, birthdate, gender, ethnicity, home address, length of time in the US
  • History of schools attended, including length of time in school and in district
  • Retention data
  • Attendance history/truancy
  • Tests taken and scores (at the lowest level of detail available – by strand, where applicable)
  • Special Ed data
  • Discipline data – offence and action taken
  • Free/reduced lunch status
  • Courses taken and grades received (see Course section for required attributes of courses) and teachers
  • Program of Study, for high school students
  • Post-secondary career information (2-year or 4-year school, military, etc)
  • Special program participation
    • Smaller Learning Communities
    • 21st Century Grant
    • Young Parent program
    • Career academy
    • TPTA
    • Read 180
    • School-within-a-school (such as SOAR, ATOMS, or ACE – note that SOAR is also an attribute of courses)
    • MSAA
  • ELL status (including entry and exit dates) – and previous ELL status
  • Credit Retrieval
  • Attendance Retrieval
  • Grade
  • Team (middle school)
  • '504' status
  • House (middle school)
  • Group (middle school)
  • Teacher (elementary) or Classes/teachers (middle and high)
  • Summer school attendance
  • NCLB school change data
  • Tier 3 Intervention data
  • SES (special education services)
  • Bus route
  • Extended School Hours participation

K-12 Teacher data

  • Bio/demo data (such as name, gender, ethnicity)
  • Qualification status (highly qualified, not highly qualified)
  • Certification status
  • Absence history

K-12 Course data

  • Subject
  • Teacher
  • Period
  • Room
  • AP status
  • College-level / college-credit status
  • SOAR/ATOMS/ACE association
  • Literacy/numeracy courses
  • Read 180

K-12 Test data

  • All available scores (raw, scaled, etc) for state tests and benchmark assessments.
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